We Have Zencart Custom Module Developers, & Custom Designers As Well

Per se Zencart is a advanced version of oscommerce, and basically has all the same features plus covers all the good features which are not there in oscommerce.

The major differences between both the two applications are the template system, Gift Certificate module, which allows the admin to create, send and manage the coupons. It also has a module to sell downloads (media or pdf files).

I have customers who love oscommerce, so we simply upgrade it to its latest version 2.3.1 , I personally I like it a lot specially the graphs part where is shows the visitor and sales stats

But having said that, let me explain the features of zencart:-

  • Easy Installation because it checks the server for requirements before installing so you don’t have to bang your head on as to why the application is not getting installed!
  • Comes with multiple language support, multiple tax support, multiple shipping methods like table rate(weight or distance based), multiple currency support, and multiple payment methods like paypal, authorize.net etc.
  • Other interesting features include must register to view prices and merchandise, this way you can keep the data only to those people whom you think are really interested in purchasing something!
  • As a store owner you can decide to showcase your products without prices OR with prices
    Apart from the regular features of unlimited products etc, it also allows the product attributes to be displayed in dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, and text input methods
  • It has other interesting tools like Customer Retention Tools, referral tools, gift certificates, Promotions, Sales and Discounts, individual special prices, global sale reductions, category-wide sale prices, customer group and quantity discounts
  • By default it has product reviews, featured products, specials and banner advertising controls.

Bottom line every ecommerce application has its ups and downs therefore it depends upon the developer on how he or she uses it wisely to make the actual sales needed to happen on the website.
I personally focus on search engine friendliness of a application, if the application has it then it is a good choice for me to go ahead and build it since my developers can add the required sales features for it

Our job doesn’t end by building a website for you, but it just gets started, we focus more on promoting your website and use the best search engine optimization techniques ever possible

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