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We clean up messy code on magento and wordpress majorily.

Our job begins right after your developer is done launching your website, we do the dirty job of cleaning up the messy code he has left which is making your website load too slow or is simply crashing on mobile browsers.

The job is not easy, we don’t get accolades for what we do, but it does gives us a satisfaction that after all the sweat we put in the site loads within 2-3 seconds. And remains responsive and performs well in all tests taken in GT metrix, google page speed insights, or in pingdom.

Performance optimization is not easy, we have to identify the modules which are killing the speed and we need to eliminate them and use a better one, this pushes us to be a more better developer.

My magento developers are turning grey hair, learning newer things and fixing them. For us every day is a challenge and we enter into newer things we don’t do simple jobs anymore such as installing a template in magento or in WordPress and customizing the design, this is for magento newbies not for a company which has earned its badge harder by being a pioneer and marching ahead of the rest.

A simple upgrade can break your site BUT unless that is done you can’t keep the hackers at bay, so utmost care has to be taken while choosing a developer, not all can perform a upgrade seamlessly without disturbing your daily sales!

If your site is stinking feel free to call us, we are here to help and clean the mess for you.