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Stock/Inventory Alerts In Magento.

If you want your customers to be informed when you fill your stock back again, then look out for a option in Magento, which sends email alerts to your customers when you fill back the depleted stock, provided the customers subscribe for it, and this option for them is available on the product page.

But before that you need to enable the ’email alert’s’ in the backend, so go to system>configuration>catalog and enable ‘Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock’, once this is done, if any of your product goes out of stock, then on the product page you will find ‘Sign up for price alert’ when clicked on this your customer can leave their email id to get a automatic email informing that the product is back in stock again!

Well that takes care of the customer, but what about the administrator? Don’t worry Magento has a nice feature for that as well.

Go to your backend once again, click on ‘manage products’, on the right corner you will find ‘Notify Low Stock RSS’, open this link up, it will ask you to login, you can use your admin logins, so this is basically a feed page, which you can add to your feed Reader, and when ever the product’s go out of stock, the administrator will receive alerts via the feed reader. Otherwise if you don’t want to take the trouble then just add the feed url as favorites in your browser and when ever you want to check login and then you can see a total list of products which went out of stock, it is that simple!

In some situations you may find a error, while using this feed URL in a Reader, that is because this URL needs logins, well don’t despair help is near, get in touch with our experts and we will let you know how to deal with the issue!

Have a great day folks, and enjoy the weekend!