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Speed optimization for wordpress and magento ecommerce websites.

Good morning India, well it is 8.30 am here and in the rest of the world time will vary so I certainly can’t say the same, so here is a BIG’Hi’ to all!!!

It has been a very lazy summer weekend with rains in between!

So we have a mixed platter, I have been going through speed optimization issues of magento and wordpress both in the last few days.

Many developers and authors have suggested numerous plugins for this cause, and each plugin comes with authors URL in the code and eats some memory space, so my best advise is check all the options you have in your server and then use these plugins.

Most of the servers these days have cache, CDN, minify javascript and CSS options available on the server itself, so enable all of them and then go for ONLY those plugins without which you can’t do away.

These plugins come for free so the author gains only from the ULR that he uses for advertising via the plugin code so if you are that keen in search engine optimization then use the plugins carefully!

These plugins not only consuming your precious memory space by send numerous queries to your database but also slow down your website. So both are tied up.

Best options will be to use proper themes check them for malware, use plugins which are needed only, and remove the rest and use all the speed optimization options available on the server.

Remember if something is coming for free then possibly there is a catch there!