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Picking up a platform of choice, either magento or joomla? used to rule a lot in coding, and it was often used as a technology in building ecommerce websites, but things changed a lot when third party softwares like magento and prestashop were introduced.

It was hard to beat the user friendly functionality provided by prestashop and the massive features provided by magento which simply could convert a simple website into a multi-store or a multi-website!

These features were unbeatable, and the tribe felt obsolete, since adding more functionality to their ecommerce applications took considerable more time, and the clients were vary of paying huge sums.

The smarter clients even knew that the hosting companies charged more for windows server, so even they have started asking for PHP developers who could work on magento!

PHP is more economical and is a technology which we can consider for applications which are unique in nature and have to be built from scratch, otherwise there is no point in re-inventing the wheel!

Our magento experts take one tenth of the time to build a ecommerce website and charge considerably less!