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Pagination issue in virtuemart/Joomla

Now by default unless you have 5 products in a category virtuemart won’t display the ‘show’ option, where u can change the display of number of products to be displayed on a page. Since 5 is set to be the minimum value.

Now at times a category will have less products so to resolve this issue, do the following:

Connect to your Ftp:

And go to:


Look for this code:

// Decide whether to show the limit box
$show_limitbox = ( $num_rows > 1 && @$_REQUEST[‘output’] != “pdf” );
$tpl->set( ‘show_limitbox’, $show_limitbox );

Now do you see ‘1’ near the num_rows ? by default virtuemart it is set to 5, so change that to 1.

So if you have less than 5 products also the ‘show’ option will appear in the category page!

Please note: take backup of the file and do the needfull!

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