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Owning a eCommerce website is not a fancy thing anymore!

Like a car, almost everybody these days owns a site or two, let it be eCommerce or a simple profile page. Small things don’t matter BUT if you want to really sell your products online and be successful at it then you need to chose the right solution and do the right thing. For peanuts you don’t get a good website, so if anything comes cheap then do doubt its ability to perform.

Use the best solution and then sell hard, nothing can go wrong this way. If you are using magento then don’t forget to use its CMS, you are supposed to create pages and make google happy, so don’t forget that.

Last BUT not least, you might have a excellent website in hand BUT if it is not hosted on a good server and its speed is slow then you have every right to be miserable. So check how much time you are taking to load your website in a browser and hire a performance optimizer to do a good job for you.

Customers don’t like waiting in ques¬†they will simply walk away.