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Magento integration with mailchimp via mandrill

In short small business don’t need automated programs like mandrill to take care of the their email campaigns. Mandrill used to be free till few weeks back, things were good then. BUT one of my client just emailed that that why does she need to pay mandrill a 40 USD when she has very less emails to run a campaign.

I suggested here to pull of the software and export the email data from magento and import into mailchimp and then take care of her email campaign.

40 USD was not a great deal for her, the thing is that she takes care of her email campaign once in a year, so there is no need for her to pay monthly.

This leads me to a question do we really need to use all of these extensions just because they are FREE? intially everything is offered for free and then later on it becomes paid.

So think before you ask your developer to use a extension.