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Magento Experts – Why Plain Old Semantic HTML Is So Important For Your SEO?

Hi Guys,

Today I will explain why Plain Old Semantic HTML(POSH), is so important for your websites, let it be magento, joomla, prestashop, wordpress or simply a static website, POSH is really important for you.

BOTH Semantic HTML and SEO are considered as a couple and they should mix well to produce the desired ROI for your website! Now when you are dealing with static websites you are in control of all of your H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6 Tags, but what happens if your magento, joomla, wordpress, prestashop themes/templates don’t have proper Semantic HTML? well in that case you loose out in SEO(search engine optimizasetion).

Well don’t worry, here is where our Magento, joomla, wordpress, prestashop experts come into picture, we can make sure that all of your category pages have category names as h1 tags and product pages have product names in h1 tags, not only this your h1, h2 tags should have the primary and the secondary keywords in them. So unless the tags have your most important keywords in them they are not of much use to search engines!

Also avoid using b and i tags instead use strong and em which are part of the css.

If we have made sense so far, then get in touch with our magento experts to get your website really optimized! Feel free to send an enquiry at: , we have clientele base in UK, Australia, India, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, USA