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What makes a magento designer a expert in the industry?

These days everybody poses to be a magento expert but what is the key difference between a novice and a expert?

Well the first clue is the time frame a magento designer needs to complete the project, if the timeframe is too large then you should suspect that u are dealing with a novice or they are going to sub-contract your project, I do understand for a client it is tough to detect, but the best approach is to speak with 3-4 magento developers and get the time frames and then decide.

The next clue would be are they offering you a fixed number of hours for design customization? if yes then it merely means that your magento designer will just change the logo and add couple of products that’s it, so beware of them.

Opt for a magento expert who can tweak the websites as per your industry needs, if you are going to sell furniture then the design should portray that.

Our magento designers are experts in custom building modules and extensions based on industry specific requirements, so feel free to get in touch with us.

We have clients everywhere in USA, UK, Denmark, Australia, Singapore and India.