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Joomla RSS feed For Selected Categories And RSS Reader (Feedburner)

If you need to have feeds only for particular categories and if you need a RSS reader like feedburner then you need a component and module to achieve this task.

1. RSS FEED Manager
2. Feedburner Feed Links

You can install them from:

Install the Rss Feed manager component first, by default it will generate the RSS for the frontpage, if you don’t need it disable it and click on the add ‘new’ button, here you can select for which categories you want the RSS feed to be generated, so basing on your selection the feeds will get generated.

Once you click on the save button, you will see these links, copy these links and insert them in a module with a icon so that people can subscribe to your feed, now the next thing is that people will need RSS reader as well, so you can make that available on your site as well, by installing the feedburner module, the module is pretty much simple and self explainatory, so just choose the position where u want the RSS Reader to be located and the RSS reader icon will display.

So anyone can copy the RSS feed URL into this RSS Feedburner reader and get the updated information from the feed plus the statistics.

Enjoy the rss publication from your site! And in case if you need joomla expert’s advise get in touch with our joomla designers and joomla developers at: