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Google’s new one click captcha, which doesn’t need the user to type any difficult form of text!

Hi Guys,

Google has launched a new one click captcha, which is a blessing! Because the recaptcha is so challenging that often customers leave a website instead of banging their heads on it.

So a website owner has rarely any choice, either allow the spam or else go for recaptcha. It is a hard choice to make because spam is terrible and so is loosing your potential customers in these hard times!

Well in these difficult days google has finally decided to launch a one click captcha which is like a breeze the user just has to check the box that’s all and submit the form! phew that easy!!!

So anyways figuring out the right plugins is the most difficult part for you, because there are not many in the market right now as it is a recent entry, apart from this if you do land up on the plugins then you are prone to get errors like ‘ERROR: Invalid domain for site key’, which is hard to fix and there are not many advises in the forums for it. I learnt it the hard way myself but this is one freebie I can give you, ‘simply regenerate the secret and the public key’ and that will do the trick!

So if anybody wants a piece of advise on it then let me know!

Have a good day folks.