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Firstdata(Linkpoint) Integration with Magento – CURL Error: 58-unable to set private key file

If you are getting this error ‘CURL Error: 58-unable to set private key file’ then check if you have downloaded the .pem file from Web services section of the firstdata? If so then that is what went wrong, and if your .pem file has name like this WS1001315297._.1.pem’ , then yes it is download from the web services section. Did you notice the WS in the .pem file name? well that means you downloaded form the web services section.

The immediate thing to do is to remove that file and download the .pem file from the API section, this won’t have the prefix of WS in the name of the .pem file. let me explain further, if you have used a Magento module which doesn’t have password field in it then it means that the password should be stored in the .pem file, and the issue is that web services .pem file doesn’t have the password in it, they assume that the developer is inserting the password in the magento payment module settings itself, and that is why the first data people send instructions to use the web services .pem file instead!

So bottomline you get that error because the .pem file, which you downloaded from the web services section didn’t have the password and it just had the store id that’s all, which is just not enough!

Whew a lengthy explanation but it will save you couple of bucks by not calling the first data support people!

If you guys need any help on firstdata(linkpoint) integration to Magento then let us know, our Magento experts will love to take up the job!

Have a good day guys!