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Every ecommerce store needs something special to make its customers visit often and place orders.

Every ecommerce store needs something special to make its customers visit often and place orders.

Customers need to feel comfortable while they are on your website, and that means pleasing features like product color swatch, price slider, product Quick view, Price Matrix, etc..

The website owners too need ease of operation, it doesn’t make sense to operate multiple websites on multiple platforms and waste your time, instead you can bring all these multiple websites on one single platform and operate them from a single source and integrate and synchronize the products and its orders with ebay, facebook and google shopping, without going back to each of these platforms. Just imagine the amount of time and energy you will save this way!

Let me show you our samples before we proceed further, you can view color swatch and price slider at: , observe how when you click on a color icon the product image changes on the catalog page and also if you click on the product image then it displays the same image on the product page as well.

If you need to see multiple websites housed on one single platform then you can view our websites , and they are ecommerce websites built on magento but their products are subscription based so therefore they don’t look like a regular ecommerce website, but nevertheless all three sites are being operated from a single ecommerce magento application.

Let us move further many customers want to have full details of the product without moving away from the catalog page, because time is precious for everybody, so let me show you our example : , click on ‘add to cart’ button available on the middle of the page under the title ‘more hot offers this month’ you will see how the full description of the product is loading in a pop-up and how the customer can move to the cart page from the homepage itself, can you see how many steps have we eliminated here?

Similarly view price matrix available on the left side bar, see how you can choose the options belonging to multiple products under on roof, all products are assigned in one drop down, and you just need to choose the product name and then choose options like color, size etc. Just imagine how easy would it be for your customers to view multiple products form a single drop down and order the product without visiting half a dozen pages?

There are several other features which can be implemented in ‘add to cart’ and ‘checkout pages’ to make the user ordering processing and the administrator’s life easier. Features like checkout analytics will let you know in real time if your customers are facing any difficulty placing orders or why they might not be completing a order.

A website is just like a business which needs to keep evolving otherwise it will soon be overtaken by its competitors.

we are experts in building ecommerce websites on magento, prestashop, zencart and joomla, so get in touch with us for a proposal on how we can improve your website.