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Ecommerce website in magento, Not only for products but for EVENT’s online booking as well, with google map!

Magento has made a vast change to a regular ecommerce website, which was intially targeted for retailers only!

Gone are the days when just a upsell or crossale would do in a ecommerce website, these days store owners need different pricing and shipping for the wholesale websites and sometimes they prefer calculating the shipping charges themselves and insert that in the admin panel, instead of allowing the customer to calculate it in the add to cart page! This functionality is needed when the store owner can’t predetermine the shipping cost and therefore can’t display it in the add to cart or checkout page, during this situation it is very much feasible for a store owner to have a option to modify the shipping cost via the admin panel, this is not a inborn feature in Magento, but it certainly is a possiblity and our magento experts can handle that!

The ability to create multiple websites within the same magento application has allowed store owner to modify the registration page per website, so you can have different fields for each website and store them in the database as well. This will need a magento expert, but is certainly possible and we have implemented that.

In certain situations some eCommerce websites need custom fields in add to cart page, they need comments from their customers regarding the product, and they need that in the add to cart page itself so that they can receive it in a order email and it can get stored in the database, this is also very much possible by a magento expert!

Sky is the limit with magento, as previous mentioned our magento experts can convert a regular magento website into a event based website and can create online booking for the events, with a dynamic google map feature for the event listings!

Magento is a great platform for a ecommerce website and I think any growing company with good potentiality will need it!