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Do you, think you know everything? If you think yes, then wait a minute and stand back and read this article, it will spare you the heartburn.

The teething pains of a online business.

1) You have good products to sell, you have narrowed down the market, and you have finalized the budget on advertisement, so now is the time to build your website. You get in touch with 10 odd companies they present a dozen different solutions, and your head suddenly feels dizzy, and things look complicated, so either you trust a company and go ahead or spend your time in the research and decide yourself.

The second option is always the best because you don’t know how much you can trust a company whom you have just met online.

OK, let us rewind a bit, I didn’t mean to scare you people. So yes finding the right company is a big deal, but that can be easily answered by checking out their portfolio, but here again you may not get what you may see, so the next option left would be to prepare a quick checklist for them to answer.

(a) What solution do you think my website should be built in?

(b) Give reasons as to why you are preferring that solution in comparison to others.

(c) Can you give real time examples?

(d) How can choosing this solution help in cutting costs or give me a edge in advertisement?

(e) Is this application secure, and will I get upgrades?

(f) I have accounts in dozen marketplaces so how about inventory management, can this application synchronize everything for me?

Well these questions will get you started, you can custom prepare your own list.

2) Have you discussed everything clearly and do you know what you are going to get for your budget? Because low quotes are not always best and similarly higher quotes doesn’t mean that you will get the best quality for your product. So think wise discuss everything on what you will get in the end. It is your money we are talking about here!

3) All is discussed and laid flat on the table, it is time to begun, Now have you discussed about the site speed? or responsiveness. Don’t forget them they are to be part of your feature list. So go ahead and add them up if you haven’t done yet.

So see you seen, welcome to our doors, for the best solution and service you may ever get!

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