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Do you have HTML tags in facebook through flike on your magento store?

If that is the issue then don’t worry, it has occurred because you have left your ‘meta description’ field empty while adding the product, so go back to the product and add some description in the ‘meta description’ field, once done, click on flike and see your facebook page!

Now the point is why it actually happens? while sharing content from your site to facebook, the facebook will look for meta description if it doesn’t find it then it will create it’s own content while doing so it will mostly take the content form your ‘large description field’ /attribute, which doesn’t support HTML tags. Therefore you get this issue.

Anyway it is not even a bug because magento expects you to use ‘meta description’ field/attribute, because it is good for your ranking in search engines like google, yahoo etc.,

So go ahead and follow that!

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