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Common Mistakes To Avoid When You Plan to Develop Or Create A Ecommerce Website?

1. SKU is important specially if you are planning to integrate your ecommerce website with google base, so keep in mind to enter your UPC or GTIN number supplied by your manufacturer and map the SKU to google’s UPC or GTIN.

2. Tax and inventory are crucial so while adding a product into your ecommerce website decide if you need to apply the tax and how much stock should be left for the product, these things become essential when your website has 100 plus products and it is really hard to go back and modify each product!

3. In case your products have different weights then you should decide about the shipping method you are going to use and don’t forget to add the weights for each product while creating it, because shipping methods like Fedex or UPS depend on product weights, missing them will be a bad idea if you have 1000 plus products! You can’t curse anybody else later on.

4. If you want to offer discount per product then that is another field which you don’t want to miss apart from deciding on what kind of attributes you need like size, brand, color etc., Planning these things beforehand helps a lot in creating your perfect ecommerce website seamlessly. This will avoid any last minute surprises for you and for the developer!