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Are you losing data in your widgets after moving your wordpress to another server?

This quiet happens when you have data in your widgets, this data doesn’t migrate to the new server because the URL has changed its character length.

For example:

Your development server is
and your live server on which you moved the website is xyz/

So though you have updated the URL in the database BUT the widgets will take the old URL character length only, and therefore the widgets either will be empty or will not get updated.

This is a peculiar situation which you can avoid by changing the old URL to the live URL in the backend of your wordpress BEFORE MIGRATING THE WEBSITE. once you do that you wont be able to access the backend BUT nevertheless the links will get updated in the database and you will NOT have any issues with your widgets any more.

This trick can come handy when you have lots of data in widgets and you cant take the chance of losing them.