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Advertising Your Products In Google Base Automatically Through Your Magento Website.


Everybody wants to sell more and what is more better than to have all of your products automatically added to your Google base account? and it would auto-synchronize as well.

So you don’t have the trouble of manually adding all products in two different platforms, you can load all of them in your magento website and configure your google base account in it, and then just map your attributes that’s all. That would be enough to make your google base account display the products from magento.

Ofcourse for a newbie it will be bit tough to get a handle on it, but our magento experts can certainly help!

Also if you are that keen on promoting your products then you can make your product listings available in google base to become sponsored ads by connecting the account with your google adwords.

So if somebody types in your product name in google base search, yours will show first in google as a product listing instead of a normal website listing and the price, description etc, will be fetched from your magento website.

I don’t think things can become much better, it is a great tool for a website owner who really wants to sell products because these days the customers are getting smarter and before placing a order they really want to compare the products with what other vendors are offering, and google base does that exactly it provides a comparison tool so that a customer can take a smart decision and buy a product which is cheaper and has good quality!

Selling products via facebook, ebay and amazon are also made easy via magento website and just like google base everything is automated so the website owner has more time in his hands for marketing and shipping his products!

We take care of CRM and ERP integration as well with magento, and if you need multiple stores or multiple websites then magento is the right choice as you can house all of them in one single magento application.

Get in touch with magento experts for details!

Have a great day.