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A Custom Built Printing website on magento’s application.

Butterfly Print Online, has been taking care of the printing needs since the last 25 years, they have been endorsing their services on a static website and now they were looking for a solution where their customers could order brochures, business cards, letterheads online.

Solution Offered:

Their requirement was very unique, they wanted multiple products like brochures, letterheads to be assigned in a single item type dropdown and they needed the options like color and size to be available dynamically basing on the item type chosen. Each option like paper/board and finish needed stock and price, therefore things became very complicated for us. But we took up the challenge and built a module from scratch it allowed multiple products to be displayed in a dropdown and we were able to assign stock and price for each option! We used Ajax and JavaScript extensively to achieve the functionality.

Modules Built From Scratch:

The first module was used to display all the products in the left side bar, under the item type drop down. If you have used magento’s ecommerce application then you will know that the customization required was vast, we assigned the simple products to a grouped product and then we called the options such as size, paper board etc on the frontend. It was complicated because simple products can’t be displayed when one is calling the options as well, because they themselves act as options, this was one major issue and the other issue was the ability to assign stock to each option like size etc, without which the client could oversell the products. After overriding this issue we displayed the quantity and their prices in ranges, and as you can see a customer can’t order a lesser quantity then displayed in the ranges.

The second module’s job was to display the options in a pop-up, with light box effect, as the client wanted everything to happen on the same page itself, so this too was accomplished. This you can see for the products displayed in the mid-part of the homepage, please click on the ‘add to cart’ button available on:

The third module’s job was to allow the end user to upload an artwork on the ‘add to cart’ page, and this artwork when uploaded would be associated to a single product, and would display in the backend for download. So in case there were multiple products in the ‘add to cart’ page, then each upload artwork functionality would work for each product!

The fourth module was built to send each product’s order emails to separate printers, since our client had 4 different printers hired for this purpose so we wrote a module where if a product was ordered then the order email would go to the respective printer’s email id and to the administrator as well. So it was on the lines of an ERP application!

Technologies Used: Magento, PHP, Mysql, Javascript, Html, Css
You can visit them here on our server: , the project will take couple of more weeks to go live since they are still sending us the product data.