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6 tips on how to keep your website completely secure.

Website Security - Upgrade magento


A few tips to keep your website secure:

1. Use SSL if you are selling anything online, the encryption will keep everything secure and don’t save any credit card data into your database. If you don’t save it then the hackers can’t steal it, simple right?

2. Could you ever imagine that a image you just took from the internet could contain malicious code? The answer is a big YES the hackers have found a way to hide malicious code in great looking images which come in jpeg format, so think before you use a image and advise the same to your web designer.

3. Do you have multiple websites? if yes then DON’T use the same strong password for all of them, this is the commonest mistake site owners usually do, use different strong passwords for all the websites, it will save you the heartburn later on!

4. Of course upgrade, upgrade and upgrade, that should be your mantra if you are using any of the third party softwares like magento, wordpress, zencart, oscommerce, creloaded, prestashop, drupal and so on… So to your website secure you need to hire a developer for upgrade.

5. Most of the website owners might have experience this, usually when a site gets hacked the hosting company blames it onto the software or the developer and the developer blames it on the hosting company raising up many issues like lack of strong anti virus software or backups etc.. what ever the blame game is, it won’t hurt if you chose a proper hosting company which uses a good anti virus software plus provides you with regular backups of your website.

6. If a dozen people have password to your website and if tomorrow it gets hacked then you don’t even know whom to blame, minimize the access to your website’s back-end, keep it confidential.