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5 Tips For A Good Ecommerce and Web Design On Magento’s Platform By Magento Experts.

1. Use a custom web design, for your ecommerce websites, because nothing sells more than presenting your brand in your own unique way. There are competitors who are waiting to eat away your sales. So unless you invest on custom design, you can’t expect any sales.

2. Plan your internet marketing strategy with your web designers before hand itself, it is crucial that they understand that your design has to be search engine friendly and they user proper alt tags and minimize the usage of javascript and increase the usage of CSS as much as possible. Less code is always better. Keep your website free of junk codes, and ask your designer to remove unnecessary files which your site won’t even need, at times these files slow down your website! Every website if crafted well is compatible in mobile browsers, so a special website is not needed. Following proper CSS structure is enough.

3. While adding products to your site make a note that for SKU you are using GTIN or UPC numbers this will save your time when mapping your products with google base. These days it is best to make your products visible in as many platforms as possible like google base, facebook store, amazon etc., The more the exposure the more the sales.

4. Check if your potential customers are able to order products easily or not? The more the time taken or steps involved in ordering a product the more they are prone to give up and move to your competitor’s site. Check for bugs on your site, see if shipping and tax rates are properly configured or not.

5. Finally all product pages should have individual title and description tags, make a point to inform that to your developer in case they are adding the products, at times they overlook these The fields and go ahead. Later on the Search engine optimizer charges you a lot to add this stuff to your products. The scenario gets worse if you have 1000 plus products in your website!