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Dealing With Disparate Systems

Dealing with disparate systems. Recently we had to work on a eCommerce website and while doing part of the job was to integrate their website with a inventory management system. Unfortunately the module which acted as a bridge between their eCommerce website built in magento and their inventory management system called unleashed could migrate certain […]

Integration of unleashed, an online inventory software with magento an ecommerce application

If you have hundreds of products then you will need a inventory application like ‘unleashed’ to manage them and to tie it up with accounting applications like ‘xero’, and with eCommerce applications like magento or shopify. So if you need a developer to bridge these diversified applications together then do get in touch with us. […]

Displaying shipping charges from least to highest in woocommerce even if they are from separate shipping methods

There  always are limitations with readymade software’s and that is the reason sometimes we suggest clients to go for applications built from scratch.   In this case a client wanted the shipping price to be displayed from least to the highest price, the problem here being we were dealing with two separate plugins for displaying […]

GDPR Compliance must from 25th may onwards for all websites doing their business in EU.

This is pretty much tough calling for the websites, but not all websites do really have newsletter or forms, some of them just have the address and contact number that’s all, and these website don’t have to bother about it. Usually websites which generate revenue online gather email id, phone numbers and other confidential information […]

Instant checkout with magento 2.2 version

Who wouldn’t dream to have a instant checkout feature like amazon? looks like the decade old waiting is over and now all magento owners who have upgraded to 2.2 version can avail it. Now your customers can click on instant checkout and if you have paid previously then the system will store your shipping and […]

At cross roads, should you chose magento or shopify.

Knowledge is the key, before shopping for a pair of shoes you do compare it in various websites for its quality and price, and the same goes for a application as well, unless you know the pros and cons don’t decide on any application. A hasty decision may need you to rebuild your website even […]

Guide book for a successful website – Do we have one?

Has anybody defined online success yet? it keeps varying, newer heights are created and the scale keeps increasing. Gone are the days when a website was created to put some information online, NOW the same website gets more visitors then your physical office, so which one needs more attention? We spend a lot on our […]

How much can you depend on hand coded applications?

The story of custom built applications: Today I was trying to order a product on Big Basket, a website which has been in business since 2011 and well known in India. Now on the product page I wanted to know how much they would charge for the delivery charge, funnily that option was not there […]

Magento experts are working on Christmas and New year eve!

It is very hard to find a developer in holiday season, if you email them you will get a autoresponder email stating that they are in a holiday enjoying the vacation, either skying or mountaineering so anyways good for them that they are enjoying, but you are in the lurch, as you need something very […]

Worried about high return rates on your eCommerce stores?

It is festival season and there will be sales everywhere! India too has joined the cashless bandwagon and so millions of people will be purchasing online, it is a good thing BUT behind every silver lining stands a issue as well, many eCommerce owners are facing ‘Returns owes’, customers are returning back the goods for […]

Why Amazon an online marketplace is making the killing?

It is Christmas and new year time and everybody is expecting more sales, shocked are the retailers to find lesser and lesser customers to their doors this year. This is not happening alone in USA, UK, Australia or in India. It has become a global phenomenon, people are buying online and they are happy to […]

e-commerce experts with a decade and half experience.

See who is talking? Would you trust E-commerce experts with a decade and half experience when they say that upgrading your applications is at your best interest? You have hackers spread out in ever nook and corner of the web world and they are waiting for the holiday season of Christmas and new year, they […]

A cashless society is going to be a FORCED reality in India!

It has been almost a month since people of all economic classes have been forced to used their credit cards or do the transactions online, our magento experts India themselves have been using their credits cards more often now. It is booming business for online websites BUT what about the small business who till now […]

Top 10 security enhancements with magento’s latest version – 2.1.2

Out of the ten major security enhancements the best one which I like the most is the buyers not being able to change the price from the storefront to a reduced price and completing a transaction! Here is a detailed list as reported by the magento guys: 1) An issue has been fixed with Magento […]

Upgrade your version of drupal for easier management.

This time the major reason of upgrade to 8.0 should be easier management rather then the usual security patches. Anyways this time around Drupal has made both the developers and the site owners life easier by adopting WYSIWYG editor, so it is worth a try! One more major change has been that the ‘views’ has been […]

What if

tags won’t work in your WordPress Website?

Many have complained that <br> tags won’t work on their wordpress websites, well that is because of the editor that is being used by wordpress, anyway to over rule that you may try simply using your enter key of your keyboard when the screen is in visual mode and not in text mode. If that […]

Need a website – Magento, wordpress or custom built in PHP/MySQL, Laravel, ROR.

Any business these days needs a website, it is as simple as getting your visiting card printed! The moment you start shopping for a website, you get crowded with numerous companies with their offers. Some are cheap and some are expensive, and this throws you in a dilemma as to which company you should trust. […]

Do you want to hide the directories structure and files of your wordpress application to have better security then?

If yes then simple paste this one line code in the top of your .htaccess files available in the root of your wordpress files. Options -Indexes That should do the tick and no spammer or hacker will be able to see or access your website backend files.

Why magento is more popular then shopify, Bigcommerce or volusion?

Magento eCommere has become quiet popular not only for its vast number of features BUT for the fact that it is customizable unlike shopify, volusion or Bigcommerce When you are putting your money into somebody’s hand then you need to know how much ownership of the application you can take, in case of hosted applications […]

6 tips on how to keep your website completely secure.

  A few tips to keep your website secure: 1. Use SSL if you are selling anything online, the encryption will keep everything secure and don’t save any credit card data into your database. If you don’t save it then the hackers can’t steal it, simple right? 2. Could you ever imagine that a image […]

Upgrade can be a tiresome job if you haven’t done that since the last few years.

If you own a ecommerce website and if it is a open source code application like magento, prestashop, creloaded, oscommerce, opencart, or zencart then upgrade is a must every year, and regular addition of patches is necessary to keep the application safe for yourself and for your customers as well. You can’t risk a hacker […]

Magento integration with mailchimp via mandrill

In short small business don’t need automated programs like mandrill to take care of the their email campaigns. Mandrill used to be free till few weeks back, things were good then. BUT one of my client just emailed that that why does she need to pay mandrill a 40 USD when she has very less […]

We clean up messy code on magento and wordpress majorily.

Our job begins right after your developer is done launching your website, we do the dirty job of cleaning up the messy code he has left which is making your website load too slow or is simply crashing on mobile browsers. The job is not easy, we don’t get accolades for what we do, but […]

Unbounce, Hubspot, Optimizely, Squarespace and many more…

There is one thing common along with all of them and that is the ability to create a good looking landing page really quick! Yes there is always a catch, and that being you need to pay them on monthly basis, nobody gets free lunch do they? They offer good templates and most often they […]

Owning a eCommerce website is not a fancy thing anymore!

Like a car, almost everybody these days owns a site or two, let it be eCommerce or a simple profile page. Small things don’t matter BUT if you want to really sell your products online and be successful at it then you need to chose the right solution and do the right thing. For peanuts […]

How flexible is your ecommerce solution?

Not everybody sells same products, people have varied needs some sell subscription based items, and some need a online booking system for their events so you can’t simply throw all of them in your magento bandwagon, it doesn’t work out like that! The day is yet to come where a single ecommerce solution will be […]

Magento developer in Hyderabad, India

We have been pioneers in building eCommerce websites in magento, we started using magento about 8 years ago, that is almost when it was officially launched(2007), there were days when we used to get inquiries from other companies asking us to take up their half finished magento jobs, they gave up because their developers didn’t […]

E commerce Developer in Hyderabad, India.

If world class expertise can be found at home then you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night for that meeting you had with a offshore developer right? It certainly is a big plus if you can find a developer who not understands your requirement BUT offers various suggestions to you […]

Do you, think you know everything? If you think yes, then wait a minute and stand back and read this article, it will spare you the heartburn.

The teething pains of a online business. 1) You have good products to sell, you have narrowed down the market, and you have finalized the budget on advertisement, so now is the time to build your website. You get in touch with 10 odd companies they present a dozen different solutions, and your head suddenly […]

Google’s new one click captcha, which doesn’t need the user to type any difficult form of text!

Hi Guys, Google has launched a new one click captcha, which is a blessing! Because the recaptcha is so challenging that often customers leave a website instead of banging their heads on it. So a website owner has rarely any choice, either allow the spam or else go for recaptcha. It is a hard choice […]

True Magento Specialists and consultants.

I heard last week in one of the forums that few developers built the website without even knowing the basic settings in the configuration! well this came as no surprise to me because irrespective of the geographical region from where they belong let it be india, usa, uk or china, it is not essential that […]

Are you losing data in your widgets after moving your wordpress to another server?

This quiet happens when you have data in your widgets, this data doesn’t migrate to the new server because the URL has changed its character length. For example: Your development server is :abcdevelopment.com and your live server on which you moved the website is xyz/develop.com So though you have updated the URL in the database […]

Magento.com is using drupal, a content management system for its website.

Now, this is not uncommon each software has its own advantages and disadvantages, and therefore they each use one another’s strongest features. So if magento.com is using drupal for its website then possibly it is doing the best, because magento is known to be the best ecommerce software BUT not a content management system. So […]

Speed optimization for wordpress and magento ecommerce websites.

Good morning India, well it is 8.30 am here and in the rest of the world time will vary so I certainly can’t say the same, so here is a BIG’Hi’ to all!!! It has been a very lazy summer weekend with rains in between! So we have a mixed platter, I have been going […]

Magento has launched community edition’s 1.8 new version – Do we need to upgrade?

Yes ofcourse all of you folks over there who are using old versios of 1.2, 1.3,1.4, and 1.7 please welcome magento’s latest new version of 1.8, which focusses on providing better security and speed. We all have been some or other time tried our best in improving the speed of magento, now the latest […]

Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla Mobile compatible websites by E commerce and CMS experts.

Mobile compatibility is a key requirement these days for any company’s website which intends to make itself available to its customers through all the mediums like desktop and phone browsers. As more and more customers these days are viewing and ordering products via their iphones, ipads etc., So it has become a natural process for […]

Customizing Third Party Magento Ecommerce and CMS Softwares

The latest extension developed by us is ‘Preview Image’, this extension is useful when you want the product page to be user interactive and when you went your customer to be able to upload a image and preview it before completing the order, this situation usually arises when a customer wants to order a custom […]

Every ecommerce store needs something special to make its customers visit often and place orders.

Every ecommerce store needs something special to make its customers visit often and place orders. Customers need to feel comfortable while they are on your website, and that means pleasing features like product color swatch, price slider, product Quick view, Price Matrix, etc.. The website owners too need ease of operation, it doesn’t make sense […]

Expert web developers, web designers for ecommerce website development on magento.

Enlightened Offers web design and development to European and American countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, etc., Our ecommerce web designers and web developers are experts in customizing any third party softwares. Though our IT company deals with online promotion (search engine optimization) of websites as well. Enlightened is counted as one among the […]

5 Tips For A Good Ecommerce and Web Design On Magento’s Platform By Magento Experts.

1. Use a custom web design, for your ecommerce websites, because nothing sells more than presenting your brand in your own unique way. There are competitors who are waiting to eat away your sales. So unless you invest on custom design, you can’t expect any sales. 2. Plan your internet marketing strategy with your web […]

7 things that can make a website click and pull in some sales by Enlightened’s Magento Experts.

1. Don’t forget SEO, once your site is up and running, the immediate thing is submitting it to search engines, directories, forums and related blogs. It is an ongoing exercise therefore hire a expert to do the job for you and you can focus on other parts of your business. 2. Call to action, your […]

How to find a good ecommerce websites design, web designer, websites developers or a web development firm?

The first thing that comes to the mind of a any customer who wants a ecommerce websites design to be done is to find a professional web development firm which has expert web designers and developers who can build a ecommerce website which is industry specific and not a run of the mill solution. It […]

Common Mistakes To Avoid When You Plan to Develop Or Create A Ecommerce Website?

1. SKU is important specially if you are planning to integrate your ecommerce website with google base, so keep in mind to enter your UPC or GTIN number supplied by your manufacturer and map the SKU to google’s UPC or GTIN. 2. Tax and inventory are crucial so while adding a product into your ecommerce […]


Morning.. on a different note then the usuall joomla stuff let me point out something usefull. In case you have a large AVI file and you need to send it to your friend, then the best option would be to convert it into swf through ‘sothink’ software, they offer a The file size reduces by several times […]

What is Oauth and Why it is such a great thing for magento developers?

Oauth was introduced into the market in the year 2007, and since then it has been widely used by many social networking websites like facebook, twitter and linkedin etc., Oauth allows the site owner or the service provider to give access to a limited resource to the requesting consumer application, but doesn’t share the logins […]

A Custom Built Printing website on magento’s application.

Butterfly Print Online, has been taking care of the printing needs since the last 25 years, they have been endorsing their services on a static website and now they were looking for a solution where their customers could order brochures, business cards, letterheads online. Solution Offered: Their requirement was very unique, they wanted multiple products […]

Advertising Your Products In Google Base Automatically Through Your Magento Website.

Hi, Everybody wants to sell more and what is more better than to have all of your products automatically added to your Google base account? and it would auto-synchronize as well. So you don’t have the trouble of manually adding all products in two different platforms, you can load all of them in your magento […]

Magento Designers And Experts for USA, UK, Denmark, Singapore and India.

What makes a magento designer a expert in the industry? These days everybody poses to be a magento expert but what is the key difference between a novice and a expert? Well the first clue is the time frame a magento designer needs to complete the project, if the timeframe is too large then you […]

Migration To Magento – By Magento Expert Developers.

Migration to magento is often considered when one is using a age old shopping cart like oscommerce or simply wants more advanced versions then they have in their present shopping carts like virtuemart, prestashop, zencart or creloaded. Migration is also considered when one needs a better server, since magento usually needs a good amount of […]

Picking up a platform of choice, either magento or joomla?

Asp.net used to rule a lot in coding, and it was often used as a technology in building ecommerce websites, but things changed a lot when third party softwares like magento and prestashop were introduced. It was hard to beat the user friendly functionality provided by prestashop and the massive features provided by magento which […]

Website Design And Development In Magento, Prestashop, Joomla Or WordPress.

Deciding on which platform you want to build your eCommerce website is a very hard choice when there are multitudes of software available in the market. My advice to our clients has always been ‘to stick with Open source softwares instead of Paid softwares’, since most of paid softwares are hosted on the vendor’s server […]

How to secure wordpress.

Hi folks, Here is the brief list by our wordpress experts, which will help you clean/avoid the malware on your wordpress sites! 1. Change FTP and admin logins 2. Install wordpress security plugins 3. Change wordpress prefix in the database 4. Rename admin folder so that a hacker can’t reach your admin folder for a […]

There are many color swatches in the market, but what makes ours different is that it is completely customizable and you can use it on multiple domains.

There are many color swatches in the market, but what makes ours different is that it is completely customizable and you can use it on multiple domains, and it doesn’t cost you a fancy sum! Our color swatch works on categories and product pages both and considers color attributes and allows displays of multiple images […]

How to add ‘terms and Conditions’ in checkout page of magento? Solved.

If you need a ‘terms and conditions’ box on checkout page then don’t despair magento has this feature for default, just follow these steps to accomplish the task. Login to your magento backend. Go to your configuration page, go to checkout, and then find ‘enable terms and conditions’ field and enable it. Once done go […]

Do you have HTML tags in facebook through flike on your magento store?

If that is the issue then don’t worry, it has occurred because you have left your ‘meta description’ field empty while adding the product, so go back to the product and add some description in the ‘meta description’ field, once done, click on flike and see your facebook page! Now the point is why it […]

Stock/Inventory Alerts In Magento.

If you want your customers to be informed when you fill your stock back again, then look out for a option in Magento, which sends email alerts to your customers when you fill back the depleted stock, provided the customers subscribe for it, and this option for them is available on the product page. But […]

Firstdata(Linkpoint) Integration with Magento – CURL Error: 58-unable to set private key file

If you are getting this error ‘CURL Error: 58-unable to set private key file’ then check if you have downloaded the .pem file from Web services section of the firstdata? If so then that is what went wrong, and if your .pem file has name like this WS1001315297._.1.pem’ , then yes it is download from […]

Joomla RSS feed For Selected Categories And RSS Reader (Feedburner)

If you need to have feeds only for particular categories and if you need a RSS reader like feedburner then you need a component and module to achieve this task. 1. RSS FEED Manager 2. Feedburner Feed Links You can install them from: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/content-sharing/rss-syndicate/230 http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/content-sharing/rss-syndicate/5146 Install the Rss Feed manager component first, by default it […]

How to remove or change the default generator meta tag in Joomla 1.5

You can do that simply from your admin backend with out downloading any files etc.,. So login to the backend go to extensions, click on ‘templates manager’, in the next screen choose the template which is being used for the website and go to the closing just before that, place this tag there: You can […]

Expert Joomla Designers & Developers Build Custom Music Portals.

Very recently we had a requirement where the client needed their own custom music portal, with album blogs libraries, customer playlist, Charts with statistics etc, this became a complicated project for us as no existing component would fit into the requirements, therefore we custom built a component to suit the client need’s and the portal […]

Ecommerce Website – Design And Development.

There is a huge demand for Ecommerce website, these days, everybody wants to sell their products online, so everyone are moving towards ecommerce websites, but the point is are they successfully in selling online? Are their websites giving them the desired ROI? Are they getting enough orders per day? The answer is sadly ‘No’, due […]

Ecommerce website in magento, Not only for products but for EVENT’s online booking as well, with google map!

Magento has made a vast change to a regular ecommerce website, which was intially targeted for retailers only! Gone are the days when just a upsell or crossale would do in a ecommerce website, these days store owners need different pricing and shipping for the wholesale websites and sometimes they prefer calculating the shipping charges […]

handling backward compatibility in HTML5.0

Backward compatibility is not a issue, you can deal with it by using HTML 5 shiv. Create the new element using JavaScript, and IE or Firefox 2.0 will able to style it: document.createElement(‘header’); But as I said before in one my posts, if your website is 100% validated as per W3C standards then there is […]

Magento Google Map For Products/Events.

Last week we were working on a magento project, which had events instead of products, the logic was the same but it had hourly and daily fee with children registration on the product page, this need lots of customization in the database, and another requirement was Google map for that event, to spot its location, […]

Magento Booking Engine – And Google Panda Update.

It has been a long gap that I posted anything on my blog( two weeks to be precise), there are genuine reasons for it. We have been nailing some complicated projects in magento and that has eaten away most of our time. We had to convert a regular Magento site into a booking engine for […]

Should we go for HTML5.0 or stick with HTML 1.0 for magento, joomla, wordpress, prestashop?

This is a general question which every developer faces, and in case the customer is techno savy then the customer will himself ask a site to be built in HTML5.0. now the issue is should we go for it or not? is the HTML1.0 wrong? Well there is nothing wrong with HTML1.0 if it is […]

Magento 503 Service Unavailable – In 1.6 versions – Issue resolved.

The 1.6.1 version some times throws up this error of ‘503 Service Unavailable’ during this situation you should delete ‘maintenance.flag’ file from your www folder and check if the index.php file has the right permissions of 644, if both are done then the site will work fine! I just faced this issue, so I thought […]

Checklist For Magento Designers To Follow Good Standards.

1. If you are customizing the existing default template then DON’T forget to rename the default template folder so if at a later date the developer does a upgrade it doesn’t overwrite your design! This is the cardinal rule which many budding Magento designers overlook, it sounds very silly but trust me it happens with […]

How to get your product images indexed via google quickly!

In case you are wondering why your product images are not getting indexed by google, and if you think most of them are being left out by google, then the best option is to go for a image sitemap, which includes the file names of all images and when submitted via the google webmaster tool […]

Solution On How To Fix Magento Connect Issue – Page is coming blank.

A simple solution is to check your file permissions in var>connect folder, check if it has 755 file permission if it doesn’t then set it up to that permission and it will resolve the issue of page coming blank. This issue generally comes when you move servers, because file permissions can vary, and dedicated servers […]

Why Magento And WordPress Are SEO Friendly?

Many customers ask me, why I suggest them Magento, the reasons are many BUT nothing beats the fact that it is comparatively more search engine friendly then any other open source application, it beats Oscommerce, Virtuemart, And Prestashop. If the need is for a CMS plus ecommerce application then there is no second thought regarding […]

Marketing Magento & Joomla ecommerce website. – Magento experts.

After creating a website on ecommerce and cms platforms like magento and joomla the next thing comes into mind is how to make good sales? You have already spent a good amount of money on getting the site done, but if you think the job is done then you are mistaken, now is the time […]

Magento Admin login issue with Chrome, Safari, Firefox. – Simple Solution By Magento Experts.

Next time if you are unable to login to the magento admin panel in your local system or on the server, then the best option is to change localhost to IP in your database in core config table, that will immediately solve the problem, or else if you want to make a fresh installation of […]

Magento Experts – Why Plain Old Semantic HTML Is So Important For Your SEO?

Hi Guys, Today I will explain why Plain Old Semantic HTML(POSH), is so important for your websites, let it be magento, joomla, prestashop, wordpress or simply a static website, POSH is really important for you. BOTH Semantic HTML and SEO are considered as a couple and they should mix well to produce the desired ROI […]

Hire Magento Experts From Enlightened – For your eCommerce websites.

At Enlightened our Magento experts have become fans of Magento the reason are various, let me explain a few of them to you, many of my clients ask me how to allow registered users only to view catalog? or to increase price in bulk volumes for their wholesalers? or how to handle FedEx shipping integration […]

Do you need a ecommerce website?

Well if you need a eCommerce website then there are several things you need to finalize, and a few things are: 1) whether you need a different look and feel for each category of your products? 2) whether you want each category/store to have different email, shipping, tax and payment gateway details? 3) Whether you […]

The trouble is you have multiple google ads but you cant define for each keyword what ad should appear?

Ok, this is the most basic thing but again lack of knowledge in this matter sometimes makes things embarrassing. Not always clients hire search engine optimizers to manage their google adword programs and when they try to manage it themselves then basic things like these do count. So in case if your website sells multiple […]

Joomla vs WordPress – Which is the better CMS?

As joomla and wordpress developers we love both the softwares and honestly why not? Both the softwares are open source code and have been widely used through out the world. But nevertheless if you are running after a simple search engine friendly content management system then wordpress will be the right choice, but if you […]

How To Sell More From Your Magento Website?

Let me explain today on how to sell more through your magento website. 1) Bundle Products : Customers are interested in buying more at a lesser cost, so combine your products and offer a discounted price! 2) Promote your products via Facebook, as it is easier to sell to people who know you more! 3) […]

Website security issues

Every website might have gone the nightmare of hackers attacking their websites, this has become a regular feature these days! Anyways the next time you get a website done remember to ask your developer to upgrade the website, as every third party application like magento, joomla or wordpress offer better security when upgraded, apart from […]

Compress CSS and Javascript files

To increase the speed of your website, compress your CSS and Javascript file, this will reduce their file size. And also try to merge multiple css files into one css file and the same goes for the javascript file as well. The target is to reduce the number of requests sent to the server while […]

How to make magento website more search engine friendly?

What happens when the same content which is there on your website gets posted on your facebook and twitter accounts? Content duplication occurs and google has to decide which is the original content, and chances are that your website might be declared as not the owner of the content, and unfortunately this will effect your […]

Synchronize data from ebay, amazon, facebook to magento.

We want our customers to Spend less time in adding products and instead focus on the sales! Our synchronization extension allows you to update the product, orders, customers data from ebay, amazon, facebook to magento. The site owner can spend minimum time in adding products and maximum time in sales as all data in centralized […]

Upgrade to the latest version of magento to avoid IE-9.0 Issues

Magento Developers There are many IE 9.0 issues that have cropped up in magento’s 1.5 version, these have been addressed by magento in its latest version of 1.6.1. Our expert magento developers can upgrade your older version to the latest and thereby many loopholes can get fixed. Magento Developers

Magento works well on dedicated servers!

Magento The last few months I have seen several ups and downs! The reason being we are ardent fans of magento and therefore we planned to do our corporate site in magento, but we never thought that it will run terribly slow on shared servers, this was a hard lesson for us! We had a […]

Integration of Flickr with wordpress

Integration of Flickr with wordpress, a photo by rajeid on Flickr. Hi, I am testing integration of wordpress with Fickr, I yet have to check the component which allows me to integrate wordpress into joomla. Cheers! Raj, Managing Director Enlightened IT Developers Pvt. Ltd. www.enlighteneditdevelopment.com Address: #502, S.R Towers ,Road No-4, KBHB, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, AP, […]


This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.

Pagination issue in virtuemart/Joomla

Now by default unless you have 5 products in a category virtuemart won’t display the ‘show’ option, where u can change the display of number of products to be displayed on a page. Since 5 is set to be the minimum value. Now at times a category will have less products so to resolve this […]

How to delete orders in magento

Magento has a paid extension only for deleting orders via backend, the free extension which is available doesn’t work. So do a simple thing, go to PHPMYADMIN of your website and on Page 2, you will find “mgn_sales_flat_order” table click on it and you can see all the orders select the one which you want […]

How to upgrade the site from PHP4 to PHP5

Most often some applications don’t work on servers which have PHP4 with them and the hosting chap simply says, he cant change that. So the simple solution is to open your .htaccess file and copy paste this code. AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php .php4 .php3 .php5 AddType x-mapp-php4 .php That will do the trick. So if you […]

never put paypal in authorize mode for magento

guys never put paypal in authorize mode in magento if you want the order to get processed in paypal. I had this issue before, a client of mine changed the setting to authorize mode in the config file and the damn orders never went to paypal for processing I scratched my head for hours to […]

changing number of columns in magento’s catalog page

If you want to change the number of columns in the catalog page then dont forget to add this line of code. just change the number of colums to any number you want. this line of code goes in two places. 5 Goto app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/catalog.xml For magento ecommerce sites get in touch with sales@eidevelopers.com

Lately doing lots of magento sites.

we have been doing lots of magento sites lately so in case you want a ‘add to cart’ button to appear for upsell, then use this code:

How a great design is ruined

I take so much pride in coming up with great designs, and value customer feedbacks, but lately I came up across a article, and most of the stuff they said was true, check it out for yourself – http://theoatmeal.com/comics/design_hell

How important a proper web design and development Questionnaire is?

In the last few months, I have seen how confusion can spoil a project. Things are assumed by both the parties and project is delivered on time. After deliver the actual accusations start, the buyer says I assumed this and we say we assumed this. There is so much of assumptions thrown around that you […]

Following HTML 5.0 Standards

At E I Developers we follow HTML 5.0 standards, this means that your websites load faster and are cross browser compatible. The biggest plus point is that it keeps the site search engine friendly via H1, alt tags and keywords.

Blogging and networking tools promote your website

Everybody knows how important it is to have proper keywords in the site, and keep the site search engine friendly, apart from this adopting blogging and networking tools will promote your website further. Let it be a static or a dynamic site you can utilize their benefits.

Customizing Twitter Theme

Twitter offers complete flexibility in customizing its theme, we have created our own and is availabe at – http://twitter.com/eidevelopers/ We are moving forward with customization of facebook and myspace social networking sites. It is great to know the advantages they offer in terms of SEO and exposure! Cheers! Raj

Joomla user Guide

Hi Guys, If you think joomla confuses you then, the link given below can help you out a lot, it is very lengthy but a very user full information on the front end and the backend both! http://rapidshare.com/files/166797339/ Publishing.Building.Websites.with.Joomla1.5__WwW.DownloadPresent.Com.rar Happy reading! Raj


Hi folks, If you have a grip on html then it is not always essential that you need a CMS to edit your site, a perfect CSS could do the trick! A perfectly coded CSS site gives you the flexiblity to edit anything on your site. But if you are not a techie then opting […]

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