Why Magento And WordPress Are SEO Friendly?

Many customers ask me, why I suggest them Magento, the reasons are many BUT nothing beats the fact that it is comparatively more search engine friendly then any other open source application, it beats Oscommerce, Virtuemart, And Prestashop.

If the need is for a CMS plus ecommerce application then there is no second thought regarding choosing magento for it, but if it is just for CMS then wordpress is a very good application. And yes Magento can’t beat it, you can’t make a ecommerce application compete with a pure Blogging & CMS application!

The chief advantage with wordpress is that it allows mass publication of data into various social networking sites, I am not just talking about share icons, I am referring to the aspect that you can simply publish the entire data you have posted on wordpress via various tool to all the social networking sites you are registered in.

When we consider the theme/template of wordpress and magento both are very search engine friendly they have inbuilt h1, h2 tags for categories and product/content pages.

Starting off with a search engine friendly application gives you a added advantage, and since the ground work is already done your search engine optimizer doesn’t have to play around with the theme files!

So it is worth the trouble to choose a search engine friendly application. Get in touch with our Magento and WordPress developers to gather a expert opinion.