Website Maintenance & Management for your Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle and other websites.

Welcome to Enlightened, where we adopt each website as our baby and nourish it with motherly care!
It is crucial for any website owner to consider an upgrade/update of their website especially if it is built on third-party software like Magento, Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress.

The reason behind this is several, one among them which is crucial is that of hackers, they keep on inventing new malware to plant them on your websites and thus it becomes imperative for a software developer to keep upgrading/updating the website.

We perform the following activities in our maintenance program:

1. Website audit. A thorough analysis to be sure of any errors or improvements that can be made. (within 30 days)

2. Magento or WordPress Updates/Upgrade. Test Magento/WordPress core to be clear of any issues that would arise with future releases and your website.

3. Plugin updates and testing. This will entail making sure the website is unharmed from updating the necessary plugins that help your website run.

4. Malware protection. This includes 24/7 security scanning on your website to make sure spammers and hackers are kept away from your website.

5.24/7 uptime monitoring. We know if your website goes down and will be first to make sure it’s back up and running.

6. Daily backups. Entire system backups to make sure all data is safe and stored on another location than your website.

7.SSL encryption. Improve SEO and encrypt all client information sent through your website to ensure your customer’s data is safe.

8.WordPress exclusive website hosting. Hosting that is tuned for WordPress and ONLY runs WordPress running on WP Engine.

9. Staging server. We give you a separate environment to test and make improvements on your website to ensure your live website never is interfered with.

10. Monthly reporting. Every month we send you a report of the work accomplished on the website to ensure you know we’re doing valuable work to help your business website.