Ten Steps For Speed Optimizing Prestashop Websites by Fixing Core Web Vital Issues.

We start our speed-optimizing process by taking a complete backup of the site, and then the actual work of speed optimization gets kick-started.

  1. During this process, we ensure that the responsiveness or the design is NOT disturbed in any manner.
  2. We upgrade plugins, templates, and the version of the application you are running because it times the older versions do lag down your site and it is best to be updated.
  3. Before upgrading we do check if the latest versions are available if NOT then alternative plugins are suggested to complete the functionality of the website.
  4. We aim to fix all the core web vital issues and thereby improve the website speed to a minimum of 2-3 seconds. We emphasize more on fixing CLS issues as it determines how the experience of your mobile user
  5. All Google core web vital issues reported in Google Console or Google Page speed insight Tool (LCP, FIP, TTFB, and FID) slow down the speed site and are bad for your website ranking as well, therefore we aim to fix as many as possible.
  6. The speed audit tools used here are GT Metrix & and Google page speed insights.
  7. Please note that we might advise you for a hosting plan upgrade if needed, especially if the site is sitting on a shared server where resources are all shared.
  8. Additionally, we will need the latest version of the theme & and plugin for an upgrade if needed, therefore, we will need access to the respective vendor’s support systems.
  9. Apart from template optimization, we perform database and server optimization as well, we do it manually we don’t use any script to push your score to 100% which is improper.
  10. We speed optimized the following prestashop websites recently:
  11. http://www.casalotus.pt/ (Prestashop – speed Optimization)
  12. https://www.byled.fr/ (Prestashop – speed Optimization)
  13. https://bijoubox.gr/ (Prestashop – speed Optimization)
  14. https://patitasco.com/ (Prestashop – speed Optimization)
speed optimization of prestashop