Joomla RSS feed For Selected Categories And RSS Reader (Feedburner)

If you need to have feeds only for particular categories and if you need a RSS reader like feedburner then you need a component and module to achieve this task. 1. RSS FEED Manager 2. Feedburner Feed Links You can install them from: Install the Rss Feed manager component first, by default it … Read more

Expert Joomla Designers & Developers Build Custom Music Portals.

Very recently we had a requirement where the client needed their own custom music portal, with album blogs libraries, customer playlist, Charts with statistics etc, this became a complicated project for us as no existing component would fit into the requirements, therefore we custom built a component to suit the client need’s and the portal … Read more

Do you need a ecommerce website?

Well if you need a eCommerce website then there are several things you need to finalize, and a few things are: 1) whether you need a different look and feel for each category of your products? 2) whether you want each category/store to have different email, shipping, tax and payment gateway details? 3) Whether you … Read more

Joomla vs WordPress – Which is the better CMS?

As joomla and wordpress developers we love both the softwares and honestly why not? Both the softwares are open source code and have been widely used through out the world. But nevertheless if you are running after a simple search engine friendly content management system then wordpress will be the right choice, but if you … Read more