Why magento is more popular then shopify, Bigcommerce or volusion?

Magento eCommere has become quiet popular not only for its vast number of features BUT for the fact that it is customizable unlike shopify, volusion or Bigcommerce When you are putting your money into somebody’s hand then you need to know how much ownership of the application you can take, in case of hosted applications … Read more

Magento Designers And Experts for USA, UK, Denmark, Singapore and India.

What makes a magento designer a expert in the industry? These days everybody poses to be a magento expert but what is the key difference between a novice and a expert? Well the first clue is the time frame a magento designer needs to complete the project, if the timeframe is too large then you … Read more

Solution On How To Fix Magento Connect Issue – Page is coming blank.

A simple solution is to check your file permissions in var>connect folder, check if it has 755 file permission if it doesn’t then set it up to that permission and it will resolve the issue of page coming blank. This issue generally comes when you move servers, because file permissions can vary, and dedicated servers … Read more