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Our Services

The first impression always matters a lot, and in a matter of a second, a customer decides to either stay or leave your website! What makes him hang on your website and purchase your service or goods is the key to your online success. We have been in this business for more than a decade and we have practically heard the money clinking and the customers place orders on the websites we build so let us bring your business online. Hop on, and let me be your tour guide for a trip to reach your goals.

Web Development and Site Revamps or Makeovers

Technologies change, we need to adapt to the changing pace of the market. Gone are the days when websites were built in frontpage and hosted on simply shared servers like GoDaddy. Now there are half a dozen different devices and browsers from desktop to mobile you need to take care that your website is compatible with each and every device. A revamp is NOT for aesthetic needs BUT it is for the best user experience!


Online advertising is sometimes dubious for providing a false statistic, customers are dazzled with the number of clicks they got on their website and most often these clicks are NOT from a real customer BUT are programmed! Finding an honest online advertiser is really hard because the truth is not always pretty and it doesn’t dazzle. So if you like to meet with an honest online advertiser then do get in touch with us.

Hosting & Support

We handle dedicated servers, AWS servers(Amazon cloud servers), and Magento or WordPress optimized servers, we offer performance optimization of your website, as per google page speed metrics.

We are specialists in the Speed or Performance optimization of Magento and Shopify websites

which are famous for their slow speeds, which indeed can kill your sales!

Web Application Development

The last decade has seen several third-party applications like Magento or WordPress BUT before all of this, we did build applications from scratch in PHP/MySQL, ASP.net, or in Cold fusion. Even today we build applications from scratch as it offers better Scalability, Security, Robustness, Flexibility, and of course, being lightweight and fast loading serve as the icing on the cake!

Software Customization and Software Developers

If you are on the lookout for a software customization expert then you are in the right place, we offer Shopify, Magento and WordPress software customization, you can get in touch with us for a quick chat.