Prestashop Expert Developers for a fast-loading and responsive e-Commerce website.

Hire us our Prestashop experts, developer,s and designers for a custom-designed Prestashop website, for an upgrade, or for performance optimization we have handled projects from the world over and we can ensure that your website has zero errors in First Contentful Paint (FCP), First Input Delay (FID), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Time to First Byte (TTFB). For a perfect ranking in Google and for a 100% score in Google PageSpeed Insights Tool, hire our Prestashop experts!!!

If your website speed is bothering you or your website has ranked low in Google’s page speed insight score then feel free to hire our Prestashop Expert Speed Optimizers.

Our Prestashop experts offer a seamless user interface experience and we guarantee a 100% score in the Google page speed insight tool.

Prestashop website speed optimization or performance optimization

Our Prestashop service includes:

  1. Prestashop Upgrade: we can help you in upgrading plugins, themes, and finally the Prestashop software itself.
  2. If your Prestashop website has been hacked and malware has been implanted by the hacker then we can clean the virus within 24 hours and you will have a fully functioning website in your hands within a day’s time.
  3. We can custom-build plugins and themes based on your custom requirement.
  4. We can custom-build shipping and payment modules, and integrate your website with Amazon, eBay, and Facebook stores.
  5. We can help you write product descriptions for your Prestashop website and make it more search-engine friendly.
  6. We can fix all kinds of errors on your Prestashop website ranging from the errors reported in google console(google webmaster account) like indexing or crawl errors, 404, internal server errors, and redirect errors, blocked by robots. txt, no index error, Soft 404, Unauthorized request error (401), Not Found (404) error, and so on…

For a custom requirement or for emergency attention feel free to get in touch with us.

And since we are talking about upgrades, why don’t we discuss how it is important for you to consider an upgrade especially when your application is outdated by several versions?

If not for advanced features then at least for security reasons you should consider an upgrade, because all applications cover their loopholes in their latest versions.

So anyway here is the standard feature list, and if you need anything custom-built then let us know and our Prestashop specialists will handle them.


  • Unlimited categories, subcategories and products
  • Product customers’ evaluations and comments
  • Products and accessories packs
  • Quantity discounts
  • Wishlist
  • Customizable products (picture, text…)


  • Ability to create customers groups
  • Customers follow up (forsaken carts)
  • Loyalty system (points)
  • Customer referral program
  • Newsletter Opt-in
  • Created carts back up


  • Customizable orders statuses
  • Returns management
  • Real-time consultation of created carts
  • PDF invoices, slips and delivery slips
  • Special offers (promotions, coupons)
  • Configurable minimum order amount


  • Unlimited payment means (extensions available on PrestaStore)
  • Payment means filtering per currency, country or customers’ groups
  • Paypal™ (pre-configured)
  • Moneybookers™
  • Hipay™
  • Google Checkout module


  • Unlimited carriers and destinations
  • Email notifications for delivery statuses (configurable)
  • Package monitoring via package number
  • Ability to offer delivery fees
  • Delivery fees billing by price or weight


  • Online visitors
  • Visits and visitors
  • Orders and sales
  • Catalog statistics, conversion rate per categories
  • Products statistics
  • Complete integration with Google Analytics


  • Three standard languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Languages packs import-export from the Back-Office
  • Unlimited languages – Already 38 translations available!
  • Online Translation tool


  • Unlimited currencies
  • Exchange rates synchronization
  • Unlimited taxes
  • Time zone


  • SEO optimized
  • Meta tags (meta title, keywords…) management
  • Google Sitemap
  • URL rewriting


  • Secure Back-Office access (login and password)
  • SSL compatibility
  • PCI DSS compliant


  • Customized Back-Office
  • Multiple users management, and permissions (ACL)
  • Maintenance mode
  • WYSIWYG text editor
  • Affiliation program
  • Ability to add complementary modules
  • SMS alerts (inventory, new order…)

Modular Front-Office

  • Easy template customization
  • Tips on products pages: last purchase date or addition in cart
  • Featured products on the homepage
  • Ability to insert ads
  • Ability to integrate Google Adsense
  • Multi-recipient contact form