Fixing Google Search console errors:

The bigger and older the website the more the issues, often bad links are forgotten or the website doesn’t have unique content and this results in repetitive content and in the repetitive title and meta tags, all of this is not good. You may see the following errors in your website through your google webmaster account:

  • 404 errors
  • 500-level error
  • Mobile usuability errors
  • Redirect Error
  • Pages Blocked by robots.txt
  • Marked ‘noindex’
  • Soft 404
  • Unauthorized request (401)
  • Submitted URL Not Found (404)
  • Submitted URL Seems to Be a Soft 404.
  • Either “Offers”, “Review”, or “aggregateRating” Should Be Specified.
  • Missing Field “Price”

Once the issues are fixed it improves your onsite SEO, which will bring a good amount of traffic, BUT is your website properly FIXED FOR that?

Google Search Console

Minute details like alt tags also matter, often in eCommerce websites lack content OR DUPLICATE product descriptions becomes a major issue, and this can easily be cleared up by writing SEO friendly product descriptions, so posting new content works wonders for your website.

Often websites have lots of JavaScript in the header area and this is where the search engine spiders are looking for meta tags, now they find this and they don’t understand it, they want structure coding, so using that can make your website understandable to these spiders and they will then bring you the relevant traffic.

Everybody is running after making their site responsive, BUT are we not forgetting the simple fact that Google loves content? so let us give that to it, let us build inter-linking and clean up the website for you.

A fast loading responsive website is important BUT a clean bug free website will automatically push up your ranking in google, and in other search engines.

Let it be Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, Zencart, Oscommerce, creloaded, concrete, or any other application you are using, you will need an expert to fine-tune your website.

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