Magento Ecommerce Designers,Manchester, UK.

Magento Ecommerce Designers Manchester

Times are tough and we have less money to spend, so choosing the right solution to build your ecommerce website is more important now than before!

You need to choose a solution which can get you more traffic, is more user friendlier to manage, integrates well with your accounting, networking, erp or crm soultions.

Wouldn’t you love to have a solution which can host multiple websites and stores in one platform thereby saving you all the money on expensive hosting companies.

There could be one or two extra features which these paid ecommerce solution vendors could be offering, BUT ofcourse at a steep price, why to spend 100-500 per month for a feature or two extra on monthly basis when the same can be purchased via a extension at one go and used with magento? It simply doesn’t make sense to spend when things come free!

At enlightened we have a base in all the major countried of the world, and Manchester, UK is not new to us, we can provide references where ever needed.

You can spend less on search engine optimization as well, since magento takes care of the intial first steps required in building a search engine friendly ecommerce website.

If you already own a magento website and are looking for a redesign, upgrade or a custom funtionality at a cheap cost then our expert designers can handle that. We have been working with magento since its inception.

We have clients in Manchester, UK and can provide references where ever needed, you can find a chap to install and configure magento BUT it would be hard to find a real developer who can make your website sell products in real time!

We don’t consider our job done by just building a website for you on magento platform, magento is just a platform which we choose to build your site, the ultimate goal remains the same for us, which is providing you the best possible ROI.

So let us come together and make this happen, for a no obligation free quote don’t forget to email us at