Instant checkout with magento 2.2 version

Who wouldn’t dream to have a instant checkout feature like amazon? looks like the decade old waiting is over and now all magento owners who have upgraded to 2.2 version can avail it.

Now your customers can click on instant checkout and if you have paid previously then the system will store your shipping and billing details, which includes your credit card details and when you land on the checkout page it will show up this data and you just need to click on place order, that’s it.

Placing a order has never been this easy.

If you are using a mobile then your life will become very easy because like me if you have clumsy fingers then you will hate typing in your mobiles, and the checkout page can be a nightmare so if the website has instant checkout then of course you will prefer it more and you will purchase from that website only.

It is a dream come true for the website owners and for the customers as well.

If you love advanced reports and use email campaigns then you have more the reason for upgrading because this version has more features for it.

Hail magento 2.2!!!