e-commerce experts with a decade and half experience.

See who is talking? Would you trust E-commerce experts with a decade and half experience when they say that upgrading your applications is at your best interest? You have hackers spread out in ever nook and corner of the web world and they are waiting for the holiday season of Christmas and new year, they want your customers to pay you and then they will hack your website and steal your customers confidential information like their credit card details etc.,

And the next thing you will wonder why you are not having any repeat sales, that is because customers do have good memory if they feel that their confidential information got stolen after making transaction on your website then why do you think they will come back to your website?

It simply makes great sense to install a SSL certificate on your e-commerce website, if you need any help in this matter than just ask our e-commerce experts for a free installation of your SSL certificate.

There are some good servers which do this freely as well, and you can save almost a 100 USD on this, it is only that you need to explore a bit in google that’s all.

This holiday season you need your website to load faster specially in India because it will get more online customers because of the forced cashless situation prevailing in India. So you better hire a e-commerce expert to optimize the performance of your e-commerce website, just make sure that your website loads within 3 seconds and if it doesn’t then it will mean that you have lost your precious few months which could have brought you the sales that would have been more than enough for the whole year.

Just a month back my neighbours 9 year old kid ordered a remote car from amazon through the tablet given to her by her dad, now this happened in Hyderabad, India, not oversees. So we need to wake up and think hard about making our websites responsive and see how they are looking in mobiles and tablets. For a free performance and responsiveness check up contact our e-commerce expert.

E-commerce experts