Dealing With Disparate Systems

Dealing with disparate systems. Recently we had to work on a eCommerce website and while doing part of the job was to integrate their website with a inventory management system. Unfortunately the module which acted as a bridge between their eCommerce website built in magento and their inventory management system called unleashed could migrate certain values only and it was incapable of fetching more details. Therefore we had to depend on import/export of data via CSV files and finish the task this however caused a limitation, because these particular values which the bridge would not support could not be automatically synchronised for instance it would not synchronize the volume, though it would synchronise stock and price, so we had to satisfy ourselves with what was available as customising the module which acted as a bridge between magento and unleashed would take quiet a lot of time for us to modify or to rebuild it and would be expensive as well though we could handle it. Nevertheless we are done with the job but I did learn that dealing with disparate systems is a headache and we need to focus more on bridges and customising them, therefore this is where I would like to focus on. The site we are currently working on is available at :