Customizing ‘Third party softwares’, such as amazon & ebay stores

We are not a cookie cutter company, we design our themes and we integrate them to the applications, our themes are cross browser compatible, responsive in all smart phones and search engine friendly.

Customizing ‘Third party softwares’, such as amazon & ebay stores, and eCommerce platforms such as prestashop, magento, drupal and oscommerce are both a bane and a boon. They are bane because they limit you in terms of functionality, and many call them ‘cookie cutter’, well they are not entirely wrong because most programmers just succeed in repackaging these software’s with new themes, that’s all!

At Enlightened On the other hand, we focus on functionality and we achieve much more beyond customizing the theme! We have experienced programmers to deal with these software’s, and they effortlessly customize the components.

Most of the third party software these days have networking features, for example magento can be tied up with facebook and through the auto-sync feature whatever updates done on magento can be automatically displayed on your facebook page! The above is just a small example of connecting the websites with networking platforms, apart from these there are several other platforms which a websites uses to sell its products such as amazon & ebay stores. We customize them as well, we can bulk upload your products to your amazon and ebay stores and customize the design of the store too!

We believe that building a website alone is not enough, like a fish that depends on water, your website also depends on several factors such as social networking, stores on facebook, amazon and ebay, google PPC, directory submission etc. We help you do all of that, when we promise a good website we also promise a clicks and sales from your website!

Our job ends when you get visitors and you are happily busy with your online visitors!

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