Consult Our eCommerce Experts & Stop manually compiling your data from myriad applications.

You can swim across a swiss channel or run in a marathon BUT what about getting inside your customer’s mind?

A website owner’s woes are many, first, they have to fight to keep their customer’s attention on their website from their competitors, and next they have to see that their eCommerce website is compatible enough in all devices as a customer is prone to navigate from one device to another and may not complete the order in one single device which is called sequential screening.

Enlightened it development connecting-marketing places
Enlightened it development connecting-marketing places

You need to have the data of your customers and bringing back the lost sales to your website is crucial, so let our e-commerce experts assist you in the same.

Our eCommerce consultants can integrate your marketing data from Facebook, google ads, linked in, Mailchimp with your Shopify and Magento data. Building an integrated marketing platform enables you to focus on sales and save time in going through repetitive data from multiple platforms.

The results will be increased add to carts, personalized menus, boosted sales and revenues. Data synchronization has become very important these days and who would not like to have their data synchronized in eBay, Amazon, Facebook store, or from their accounting package? So picking software which easily allows you to do that is crucial for your precious ROI.

Analyse and calculate your KPI instantly:

Our consultant will help you in choosing the required solution to track your KPI instantly from comprehensive apps like Twik, Polar, to a simpler version of apps like Google Analytics. They all will enable you to track a myriad of data, from your e-commerce website to your social networking platforms like Facebook, to Mailchimp.