“Developing eCommerce websites in PHP/MySQL and in third party Applications like Magento”

Understanding your customers mind.

You can swim across a ocean or run in a marathon BUT what about getting inside your customer’s mind?

A website owner’s owes are many, first they have to fight to keep their customers attention on their website from their competitors, and next they have to see that their eCommerce website is compatible enough in all devices as a customer is prone to navigate from one device to another and may not complete the order in one single device which is called sequential screening.

Our Laravel, PHP, & ROR developers can build your ecommerce website from scratch in MVC or Zend framework, this can be preferred if you have a very unique website and if it can’t be fitted into any of the existing third party software’s.

Building a database driven ecommerce website from scratch on Laravel, PHP, & ROR is good for various reasons like need of custom functionality, complete ownership of the code, hard to hack etc.,

But at the same time we don’t advise our customers to reinvent the wheel if their needs fit into any of the existing third party software’s.

If you notice software’s like wordpress are growing in popularity and people are preferring that more than hand built software’s in Laravel, PHP, & ROR, but like we mentioned above hand built software’s have their own advantage!

Data synchronization has become very important these days and who would not like to have their data synchronized in ebay, amazon, facebook store or in their accounting package? So picking a software which easily allows you to do that is crucial for your precious ROI.

Considering the pros and cons we decided to opt for Magento! Let us introduce ‘Magento eCommerce Application’! Magento is the ultimate eCommerce application and if your organization needs a website which you want to grow down the road, then magento is the answer. If you feel that your website wouldn’t need much changes down the road and you would be happy with the standard eCommerce website then you can certainly adopt, joomla, oscommerce, creloaded or zencart, all of them are good applications!

Our ecommerce sites allow you to sell Simple, Configurable products with individual stock option for size and color, virtual and downloadable products, Group and bundled products, and finally you can sell events on magento as well! Our ecommerce specialists can customize a regular magento website into a online events booking website!

We offer more than a dozen promotional offer methods, they make your site even more competitive and trust me your site will kill the competition permanently once you have our promotional offer module on it.

Here are just a few of selected features of our powerful search engine friendly eCommerce application:

    • Creating multiple websites and control them from one administration panel
    • Assign roles and permissions to user to restrict them to access a particular area of the back end
    • Search engine friendly links, with sitemap and Google analytic.
    • Report overview of visitors, keywords, orders etc.
    • Marketing Promotions and Tools
    • Comprehensive Order Management Console
    • Enriched Catalog Management