A cashless society is going to be a FORCED reality in India!

It has been almost a month since people of all economic classes have been forced to used their credit cards or do the transactions online, our magento experts India themselves have been using their credits cards more often now.

It is booming business for online websites BUT what about the small business who till now have not even thought of purchasing a credit card swipe machine? Who is going to help them? Business has fallen down drastically for them.

It is Christmas/new year season and these small business make a lot of money during this month and this sudden decision of making India a cashless society has caused a big problem for them.

Maybe it is time for everybody to think about online stores and more than that think about security! Just last week I got a call from a lady asking me to disclose my confidential bank details, posing to be some bank employee I smelled fraud and I refused to disclose any details. Anyway point is that the more the online business the more the security issues we will have.

It is going to be a field day for the hackers, they will party now!

cashless society - help by magento experts India

The only possible solution out of this is to keep the websites secure by upgrading to the latest version, so if you are using a magento or wordpress then go ahead and get it upgraded and use the best secured servers.

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Never have your SSL expired( out of date) that will alarm the customers, and they will never purchase anything from your website. SSL is a security certificate which can be purchased and installed on your server and your hosting company should take care of that. If in doubt get in touch with our magento experts India.

This situation is turned out to be a blessing for many online websites which so far have been gaining dust, and no online transactions had happened on them, now they don’t have to spend that much on online advertizing, the sales will happen because the customers have been forced to become cashless so they have only one option which is BUYING ONLINE.

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