Migrating from old hardware into the cloud

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Upgrade your version of drupal for easier management.

This time the major reason of upgrade to 8.0 should be easier management rather then the usual security patches. Anyways this time around Drupal has made both the developers and the site owners life easier by adopting WYSIWYG editor, so it is worth a try! One … Read more

What if

tags won’t work in your WordPress Website?

Many have complained that <br> tags won’t work on their wordpress websites, well that is because of the editor that is being used by wordpress, anyway to over rule that you may try simply using your enter key of your keyboard when the screen is … Read more

6 tips on how to keep your website completely secure.

  A few tips to keep your website secure: 1. Use SSL if you are selling anything online, the encryption will keep everything secure and don’t save any credit card data into your database. If you don’t save it then the hackers can’t steal it, … Read more

Magento integration with mailchimp via mandrill

In short small business don’t need automated programs like mandrill to take care of the their email campaigns. Mandrill used to be free till few weeks back, things were good then. BUT one of my client just emailed that that why does she need to … Read more