How a great design is ruined

I take so much pride in coming up with great designs, and value customer feedbacks, but lately I came up across a article, and most of the stuff they said was true, check it out for yourself –

Following HTML 5.0 Standards

At E I Developers we follow HTML 5.0 standards, this means that your websites load faster and are cross browser compatible. The biggest plus point is that it keeps the site search engine friendly via H1, alt tags and keywords.

Blogging and networking tools promote your website

Everybody knows how important it is to have proper keywords in the site, and keep the site search engine friendly, apart from this adopting blogging and networking tools will promote your website further. Let it be a static or a dynamic site you can utilize … Read more

Customizing Twitter Theme

Twitter offers complete flexibility in customizing its theme, we have created our own and is availabe at – We are moving forward with customization of facebook and myspace social networking sites. It is great to know the advantages they offer in terms of SEO … Read more

Joomla user Guide

Hi Guys, If you think joomla confuses you then, the link given below can help you out a lot, it is very lengthy but a very user full information on the front end and the backend both! Publishing.Building.Websites.with.Joomla1.5__WwW.DownloadPresent.Com.rar Happy reading! Raj


Hi folks, If you have a grip on html then it is not always essential that you need a CMS to edit your site, a perfect CSS could do the trick! A perfectly coded CSS site gives you the flexiblity to edit anything on your … Read more

Optimize your website better

Hi if you want to optimize your website better , then visit -google webmaster tools Of course you need to have a gmail account, but who doesn’t these days, so login and add your competitor’s URL in the Google dashboard and follow him if that … Read more