Dealing With Disparate Systems

Dealing with disparate systems. Recently we had to work on a eCommerce website and while doing part of the job was to integrate their website with a inventory management system. Unfortunately the module which acted as a bridge between their eCommerce website built in magento and their inventory management system called unleashed could migrate certain … Read more

Integration of unleashed, an online inventory software with magento an ecommerce application

If you have hundreds of products then you will need a inventory application like ‘unleashed’ to manage them and to tie it up with accounting applications like ‘xero’, and with eCommerce applications like magento or shopify. So if you need a developer to bridge these diversified applications together then do get in touch with us. … Read more

Displaying shipping charges from least to highest in woocommerce even if they are from separate shipping methods

There  always are limitations with readymade software’s and that is the reason sometimes we suggest clients to go for applications built from scratch.   In this case a client wanted the shipping price to be displayed from least to the highest price, the problem here being we were dealing with two separate plugins for displaying … Read more

GDPR Compliance must from 25th may onwards for all websites doing their business in EU.

This is pretty much tough calling for the websites, but not all websites do really have newsletter or forms, some of them just have the address and contact number that’s all, and these website don’t have to bother about it. Usually websites which generate revenue online gather email id, phone numbers and other confidential information … Read more

At cross roads, should you chose magento or shopify.

Knowledge is the key, before shopping for a pair of shoes you do compare it in various websites for its quality and price, and the same goes for a application as well, unless you know the pros and cons don’t decide on any application. A hasty decision may need you to rebuild your website even … Read more

Guide book for a successful website – Do we have one?

Has anybody defined online success yet? it keeps varying, newer heights are created and the scale keeps increasing. Gone are the days when a website was created to put some information online, NOW the same website gets more visitors then your physical office, so which one needs more attention? We spend a lot on our … Read more

How much can you depend on hand coded applications?

The story of custom built applications: Today I was trying to order a product on Big Basket, a website which has been in business since 2011 and well known in India. Now on the product page I wanted to know how much they would charge for the delivery charge, funnily that option was not there … Read more

Magento experts are working on Christmas and New year eve!

It is very hard to find a developer in holiday season, if you email them you will get a autoresponder email stating that they are in a holiday enjoying the vacation, either skying or mountaineering so anyways good for them that they are enjoying, but you are in the lurch, as you need something very … Read more