Custom BUILDING PHP/MySQL Applications

Our developers are experts in bridging PHP/MySQL applications with API, and we can perform complicated integration with JSON.

Our PHP Experts develop bespoke eCommerce websites which are custom-tailored for all industries like printing, educational, healthcare, furniture, fashion, electronics, etc.,

We have custom-built several modules for many eCommerce and content management websites, some of the projects are in display on our portfolio page, but if you have a custom module in mind then feel free to use our inquiry form.

If your requirement is very unique and can’t fit into any third-party software then it is best to build an application from scratch.

Our applications are hackproof, cross-browser compatible, and expandable for future additions. As per the clientele needs, we can use frameworks like Zend & MVC.

The best part of using PHP and MySQL databases is that they are easy to use and free! So you don’t have to invest highly in other technologies.

We build both web applications and client-server applications, so where ever you need multiple users to share data you can pick a web application, and if it is a single user-oriented application then we can do that also.

Our Magento Groupon Clone
Magento is the master of all eCommerce applications and Groupon is the mother of all deal sites that have come up like mushrooms in the last few years!

What makes our application different is that it is sitting on Magento’s platform and it has all the good features of Groupon plus it is customizable, we can add more features to it as per your requirement, so it is not just a out of box solution!

Our Project Management Application
The application has all the functionalities of an intranet and extranet application and can be used for both internal and external customers..

The application covers leads, messaging, project message board, sales, invoicing, delegation, stats, and other modules. The application has been built on PHP/MySQL and it is totally customizable since we have built it from scratch!

Our Coupon Manager Application
A full-fledged Application To Manage Your Affiliates And To Run Coupon Campaigns via SMS, Email, and Print Mediums.

It is an open-source application coded in PHP/MySQL therefore our developers can change the functionality as per the requirement! Let us know if you need a good coupon manager to earn more revenue! A back-end demo will be arranged whenever requested.

Our Job Portal Application
Enlightened’s Job Portal is very easy to handle, the administrator or the companies can post their job listings and the potential employee can apply for the job.

The application can be easily customized and we can create additional functionality for you based on your requirement. The application is running on PHP/MySQL Platform.