Why Amazon an online marketplace is making the killing?

It is Christmas and new year time and everybody is expecting more sales, shocked are the retailers to find lesser and lesser customers to their doors this year. This is not happening alone in USA, UK, Australia or in India. It has become a global phenomenon, people are buying online and they are happy to compare prices and buy the cheapest, trendiest item available on the net instead of spending time with a retailer.

There is only so much a retailer can do, their is limitation when it comes to the availability of space so therefore the limitation with the stock and the stock too can’t be updated as immediately as you can do with a online store.

Globally every retailer is feeling the burn, more and more money is floating online and this is making the online marketplaces more richer.

Physical touch is important only for costly items so products like articrafts are still in demand at a retailer’s place as customers don’t pay thousands of dollars without seeing and touching the product!

The war between retailers and online marketplaces is at its final stage and the winner has already been declared, I guess the retailers have humbly taken their second place and are consoling themselves with it.

It is not like the online marketplaces have no woes they have their own and possibly it is time that their woes are put into limelight.

When you step into a retailer’s store, it is enough to see that your purse is safe in your pocket, you don’t have to do much more than that and there is always the security and the cameras in place so mostly there isn’t much danger. BUT when you buy something online then there is no guarantee that your online credit card details doesn’t get stolen!

Security is a major issue and usually this comes up with smaller online marketplaces, the bigger ones like amazon or ebay have dealt with them and this boils down to maintaining security at the individual level of the consumer’s computer or tablet/mobile ONLY.

Nevertheless online security is a major issue which all hosting companies and developers will have to deal with and so will all the eCommerce application vendors!