Need A expert developer for your bespoke(custom) application or eCommerce & CMS Websites?

Our developers are well versed in PHP, Coldfusion, ROR, Python, React JS, and Mobile applications.


Our website developers and designers handle all kind of SaaS applications such as Shopify,Bigcommerce, Volusion, and we work on open source eCommerce applications like Magento, Prestashop, Zencart and so on. Our Web Development Services Include:
Custom Ecommerce Website Design & Development in PHP/MySQL,, Mobile apps, ROR, Coldfusion....

At Enlightened IT Developers, our website developers answer to your unique and custom requirements, our website designers do not delivery products right from our shelves, we either build our applications from scratch or we customise them as per your choice. Our magento website experts handle complicated magento websites, where others fail we succeed.

Magento 2.0, Big Commerce, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Oscommerce, Creloaded, Zencart, Unbounce, Concrete.....

You name it and we deal with it. At enlightened our developers and designers deal with all the major open code solutions available in the market and they also deal with hosted solutions like Bigcommerce, Shopify and so on… so there is nothing we can’t handle!

Upgrade to latest version of your magento or wordpress websites, Repairing Hacked websites.

We attend to your emergency needs, if you need a hacked website to be repaired over the weekend or you need a upgrade to be done to your magento or wordpress website then just call us. We handle even simple things such as installing SSL on your server, or installing patches for security reasons. You name it and we do it all.


WE strive to be THE BEST coders and are capable of building applications from scratch and in customizing third-party software or SaaS-based applications like Shopify.


We have been in this business for more than a decade, and we feel happy that our journey with each client has been successful and we have presented the best possible solution for them at a very economical rate, let it be a 5 product Magento eCommerce website or a 100 pages content managed WordPress website. We have ensured that our clients are up to date with the latest technologies available in the market, we upgrade and migrate outdated solutions to the latest software, we offer to host and Search engine optimization at flexible packages which suit our client’s pockets. In a nutshell, we help YOU in making YOUR customers feel special!


The absence of personalized treatment towards your customers hampers the repeat sales, gone are the days when the customer would get a personalized greeting and the shopkeeper was almost family. Now we purchase from an online store or a shopping cart, there is nobody to greet, no personalization, no chocolates no freebies, so why should anybody still hang on and purchase? All the websites look similar as if they are clones!!!


We help personalize your eCommerce website and bring the customers nearer to you, so handing out the free chocolate is in your hands, now!
This brings me to the question, are you unhappy with your eCommerce application, do you think it is not rendering well on your mobile or tablet? Are you wondering why your perfect website is not getting the conversions?

Our Shopify, Magento, PHP Developers, Experts & Specialists build responsive designs, which render well in all devices and can help you getting better conversions for your sales.

Each site our ‘magento consultants’ have built are unique, responsive and far off from a regular magento template, our magento consultants have custom built catalog, product and checkout pages, which is quiet rare in even commercial templates which are available in the market. Magento website development is our passion we build best magento websites!

Our magento experts from Hyderabad, India have custom built several magento modules, like custom quick price module in ajax, which is suitable for printing industry, online event booking module, axis payment gateway module.

Our Shopify, PHP Developers & Big Commerce Experts, Designers & Developers Steer towards Building the Bridge between ‘Your’ Shopping cart and the Isolated applications like billing, logistics, inventory, marketplace platforms  & multi-screens.

These days customers view their websites from multi-screens, while they are travelling a car or a train it will be a mobile or a tablet and if they are sitting in home in leisure then it is going to be a desktop.  So they use multiple devices to check your offer, and they may continue watching it in various screens, so it is very much essential to bridge the gap between the multiple websites you may have for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Our magento, Shopify, Big Commerce experts build Multiple websites with magento, shopify, Big commerce, wordpress and, Integrate accounting, CRM/ERP packages, and social networking sites with your websites, our magento specialists do anything and everything under the sun.
Our magento experts are specialists in pulling feeds from another server via API/JSON integration in PHP/MySQL. Our magento consultation includes: Rebuilding or revamping a magento website, Dealing with security issues by Upgrading a magento website, Custom designing your magento website, Performance optimization of your website to deliver a website which loads with good speed and thereby ranks well in google. Our magento developers have been very versatile our magento developers have custom built modules for Marketplace websites, online event booking portals, and directories. Our magento coders have built them from scratch and have handled many complicated projects.
To own a successful website which not only looks good BUT makes good money as well, it becomes essential for your eCommerce websites to sell their products via different marketplaces like google, ebay and amazon. Our magento experts can tie up the inventory with these online marketplaces with your websites so that you can sell more and earn more PLUS save time as well! Our Magento Templage/theme Developers can either build a design from scratch or our Magento designers can customize a magento template for you. Our magento programmers can customize various plugins, extension and modules.

So if your magento store has become a ‘white elephant‘ which has eaten away all of your resources BUT is not generating you the ROI then speak with our magento consultants they can help you in making your products sell like hot cakes

The customer has become a multi screen shopper, he starts browsing from mobile and ends up purchasing your product on your desktop screen which could be built in wordpress or drupal platform!

We offer Speed Optimization, Digital Marketing for all platforms, as speed and advertisement is the key to success.

If your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds then you lose your customer’s interest and even google puts our website down in the ranking, so either ways it is a loss for you. Having a beautiful site is one thing BUT if it doesn’t load fast then you better take a deep look at your hosting package and you should seriously consider hiring a speed optimizer for your website.
We handle all kind of third party software’s like magento, wordpress, joomla, creloaded, oscommerce, zencart and prestashop, this knowledge helps digital marketing experts to perform the organic search engine optimization in efficient manner. Our wordpress developers and designers can custom design your website from scratch or they can modify your chosen template, our turn around time is quick and costs are very economical.
Digital Marketing, we cover all services falling under it like SEO, SEM, adwords, remarketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and if your website is suffering from a bad online reputation, then our search engine optimizer can help you in fixing the problem and we can build a good online reputation for you.
We don’t offer hundred and one features in our hosting packages, matter of fact, we have not even packaged them with a feature list, BUT to be honest our sites load within 3 seconds and that is what matters, let it be magento, wordpress, zencart, creloaded, or any other solution of your choice, we perform speed optimization as a add on.
We keep your applications secure by performing regular updates and this is rolled within the hosting charges, so once we start babysitting your website then you don’t have to bother about it, you can just focus on the sales that’s all.

We build websites from scratch in PHP/MySQL and we also handle customization on third party softwares like shopify magento, wordpress, prestashop, zencart, creloaded, Big Commerce, Wix.

You can of course choose any platform for your eCommerce website starting from prestashop, zencart, wordpress, creloaded to magento. But basing on the size of your product lines or the stores you might need, it would be wiser to move from prestashop to magento.
Either of the solutions are capable of presenting the products nicely in front of your clients, but to get the products to the door step of your customers you will need online promotion, which yet again is our strong frontier.
For ease of management it is best to have a content management system like wordpress or joomla which are both search engine friendly.Our magento consultants have helped building magento ecommerce websites for all industries.
A content management system can be used in combination with eCommerce, blog, gallery, social networking, audio and video components and it can be used by varied industries, not only a CMS is suitable for small companies but it is suitable for larger companies which need all the bespoke features.
Our magento experts deliver bespoke websites for all industries at a very economical cost. Our solutions are custom built to meet industry specific needs. Our expert developers have handled printing, packaging, education, electronics, fashion, real estate, food, fabrics,travel and many other Industries!

The services we offer:

1) Shopify , Magento Experts or expert service available for USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Paris, Hongkong, Tokyo, Dubai, Finland, Germany, time zone.
2) Joomla, Oscommerce, Preastashop, Creloaded, Drupal Software Upgrading and Performance optimization
3) Our coders are experts in Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Squarespace etc,.

Our Magento Ecommerce Development Work

Our Magento Ecommerce Development Work


Hire our developers based in India to upgrade, optimize your eCommerce or CMS applications such as magento or wordpress. We can upgrade your outdated magento application to its latest version of 2.0

Protect your online business.

Protect your online business.

It is crucial for you to keep upgrading your website, it could be built in magento, wordpress, prestashop, drupal, joomla or in any other third party software. To avoid theft of confidential information by hackers you do need a upgrade!

Once in few months every application launches a patch or a upgrade of its application in anticipation of vulnerabilities or in order to improve its features.

More than the advantage of owning the improved features we should be more concerned about the vulnerabilities of the application specially if it is a eCommerce website, as you can’t stop hackers from improvising their code and planting a script into your website to steal your confidential data like your customers credit card etc.,

A fix or upgrade of your website will keep hackers away and possibly will get you a improvised application as well.

It is very crucial for your website to load fast, since there is so much of competition, it is really hard for you to keep the attention of your customer glued to your website, so if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load then they are sure to visit your competitor’s website.

Not only that even search engines like google favour fast loading websites and they rank them higher in their search results.

Often it is thought that hiring a good server guy is enough BUT that is not the truth even the website needs to be tweaked to perform well.

Any ordinary developer can build a magento/wordpress website BUT often they tend to overlook the important factor of speed and don’t look at the factors which determine them.

We focus on that because we know that speed is money!

For a free quote on performance optimisation of your website get in touch with us.

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We build designs from scratch, they are aesthetic and creative, additionally they bring in the much needed sales!


Our designs are responsive and load fast, our websites qualify google metrics of performance optimization and responsiveness.


Has your developer left you high and dry? Don’t worry help is near, our developers are available 365 days, TRY THEM!

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10 stepping stones while getting a eCommerce website built.

  • Choosing Development Platform
  • SaaS or Open Source Code? Which is the best?
  • Which Hosting Package Should Be Chosen For That Best Speed?
  • What should be the 'Budget of the website' - too less can harm the site and more can break the budget!
  • Should you outsource it or not? If you are a consultant then the chances are that it is eventually getting outsourced!
  • Which is the right company? What background do they have?
  • Should I expect SEO and Mobile Responsiveness within the website development schedule?
  • Should I consider upgrade in mind while getting the website built?
  • Should you discuss about the maintenance packages while getting the website built?